San Jose Community Radio

KCXU 92.7 FM Radio will amplify the diverse voices of San Jose, providing local opportunities to tell stories, share experiences and strengthen people’s lives of the community. Soon 'Live' online radio and video streaming at KCXU.org.

Our community Radio station will be filling a 'Unique niche' in music, and local-interest programming in news, sports and cultural native tongue dialogues that is refreshing, engaging and helps expand our listeners perspectives.

KCXU is currently applying for its 'Non-Profit' 501(c)3.  KCXU Radio station programs will begin broadcasting on KCXU 92.7 FM in mid-April of 2018.

Current Sunday 5th Event at 'City Lights Theatre Company' in San Jose, California.


Visit our upcoming 'LIVE' programming for the San Jose Jazz Festival on 10th, 11th and 12th.


San Jose Community Radio

KCXU 92.7 FM Radio is a new local LPFM (Low Power FM) station that will provide the diverse voices of San Jose. KCXU will air programs for, by and about our community.

Capital Campaign

Our capital campaign goal is $15,000 by the 1st of September, 2018. This will pay for an improved LPFM antenna, broadcast insurance and music royalty fees, contingency, taxes and permitting.

General Support

Please help support community based programming and KCXU operations and make our community voices happen!


749 Story Road, Suite 10 San José, CA 95122 408.634.8086 Contact@KCXU.org

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